Am I limited to only order examples as seen on your site?

NO, most of what we make are custom orders. We can modify our existing designs to meet your needs, or we can build something entirely new for your space.

What kind of antlers do you use?

All the antlers we use are naturally shed antlers. Deer, elk, moose, caribou shed their antlers each fall/winter and grow new ones in the spring. We pick up many of what we use in our lighting and furniture.

Are your lights UL Listed?

We have a 3rd Party UL list our lights if requested. We are in the process of being UL certified to list our own lights.

Where are your antler chandeliers and furniture made?

We are currently building all our antlers products from our shop in Northwest Montana. Aaron personally makes each chandelier so the quality of workmanship and detail is consistent.
What is your shipping policy?

We crate all our chandeliers and antler furniture in plywood boxes to ensure safe delivery. We charge you only what the freight company charges us. We can give you a quote upon receiving the specifications for your order.
What is your timeframe for shipping?
Most of our chandeliers are custom orders with a time frame of 6-8 weeks for delivery. We do have some of the pendants and sconces in stock.