August 8, 2008~
Well we are back, and hopefully for good! We returned to our log cabin, which had not been visited in nearly two years, and found it in perfect condition. I'll admit we were a little nervous about what we may find and were so pleased when we saw her standing proud. The inside didn't even have any noticeable dust!
Kodi and Tundra knew right where to go as soon as we hit the trail! I'm sure they were in heaven as they ran madly around the woods. We hadn't been able to let them run free in Montana so they had become pretty used to life on a leash. The trail in was pretty wet due to the very rainy summer Alaska has had this year. The temperature on our day of arrival was 42...Oh, to be back in Alaska! Nothing like a warm fire in the stove in early August. The cabin stands strong!!!
Return to Alaska 2008

Moose drive 1

A few of our friendly neighbors. This cow was not in a good mood. When you see ears back like this, stay away.
Moose are so amazing! I love how large and awkward their powerful bodies are!

Moose pair

Moose drive

It feels so good to be back! I have missed seeing all these amazing creatures!

Alaska Malamute

Cozy cabin glow

It's the changing of seasons here, and darkness is creeping upon us! I think the glow of the cabin from the lights is so warm. This is home.

We are back

Log cabin interior

Simple life again! The rhythm changes here, and for that I am thankful! Aaron has lots of time to scrimshaw and the dogs get lots of rest time and play time.

scrimshaw at cabin

Tundra log cabin

We are looking forward to this next chapter in Alaska. I'm sure there will be many many adventures!